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Davide Luciano

Davide Luciano is a conceptual and fine-art photographer and filmmaker living and working in NYC .

Luciano’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada and  the United States in cities such as New York, Toronto, Montréal, Washington and Kentucky. He has won numerous awards, including an award of excellence from Megan Fontanella, curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. His work has been featured in countless international publications including Vanity Fair, Kurv Australia, Le Monde and The Telegraph to name a few.

Luciano has alternated between street projects and choreographed tableaux to create suggestive bodies of work that consciously aim to build and communicate an alternative kind of photographic truth. He creates large-scale photographic prints that are cinematic in scope and compelling in content. Every photograph is cast and staged meticulously, adding to the intriguing narrative and sense of satire that surrounds these stunning photographs. The work is detailed and vibrant with amazing surrealist qualities that put the imagination to the test. Davide Luciano graduated from the Toronto Film School, where he was the recipient of awards and accolades including best director. His films have screened at the Montreal and Toronto Film Festivals. Davide has since expanded his artistic practice to include photography, and has developed a passion for the art form. He is presently working on his next major photography endeavor.

Contact: info@davideluciano.com

Claudia Ficca

Claudia Ficca is a professional food stylist based in New York City.  She first fell in love with the culinary arts in her Italian grand-mother's kitchen.

She would watch her Nonna as she meticulously made meatballs every week for Sunday lunch. These early memories were the beginning of her love affair with food. Today, her gluttonous gaze and love for food are the keys to her profession . Her journey in professional food styling started in her native Montréal. After getting her BA at Concordia University and taking intensive photography classes, she immediately knew her focus would be food photography and she has photographed everything food packaging to editorial pieces for food magazines. Claudia decided to move to NYC to pursue her dream. This is where she received her food styling education by apprenticing under some of the city’s best food stylists. Ironically enough, her first job in the big apple was to style meatballs, she took it as sign from the universe and never looked back.

The couple married in August 2009. Always thinking about fresh ideas for new artistic projects, Claudia and Davide are excited to continue working together both commercially and artistically.

Contact: info@claudiaficca.com

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